Earbash Audio: Approach to Audio Design




At Earbash, we recognize that each project is fueled by a distinctive creative vision. Therefore, our design process begins with a comprehensive analysis of that vision and creating a definitive design roadmap that enables us to appropriately support the creative narrative of each project.



We begin our design work with a collaborative approach with the development team. Our sound design expertise ensures that our assets are well-suited to their intended purpose. Yet, we remain agile and willing to adapt to meet the project's creative demand through continuous testing and rapid iteration until we meet each project's creative demand.



We ensure that the final versions of our design assets are delivered with clear and descriptive names that align with each project's preferences. Throughout the design process, we meticulously organize and label each version systematically. All our versions are securely saved and backed up, so they can be accessed at any time, providing peace of mind to our clients.
Sound Effects Design

In game sound effect design
Game cinematic sound design & mixing
Interactive sound design for consumer devices
Sonic branding
UI user experiential sound design
Music Production

Recording for soloist
Music composition
Music mixing
Music mastering