Earbash Audio

The industry trusted external audio design support team. 
Earbash Audio, Inc. is an award-winning game audio design company based in Los Angeles, California. Established in 2004, Earbash specializes in custom sound effects and music design for hit games and consumer digital devices. With decades of industry experience and a strong reputation, Earbash is committed to supporting game development teams worldwide by delivering innovative sound effects for projects of any size.
Our creativity is fueled by our passion, guided by our experience and balanced by our understanding of commercial value and storytelling through sound.  
With decades of professional experience of providing sound design and music production for commercial medias, we have contributed creatively on projects with budget range within $100k to $100 million.
Massive Sound Library
Over decades of working on commercial projects, we have a generate a massive collection of custom sound source library. This greatly speeds up the workflow by which allows us to reach our creative goals efficiently. 
Pro Gear
Our facility is professionally treated to mimic a well controlled living space. This allows us to anticipate how our sound design and mixes will translate once released commercially. 

The Earbash Advantage

Earbash Audio is a experienced audio design resource for pro developers of digital media.